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Three Guided Relaxations for you to enjoy.

Sleep - Mark Taylor
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A recording designed to help prepare the body for sleep.

There can be many reasons for poor sleep, when sleep becomes problematic it impacts our health and our whole quality of life. If you find that sleep has become an issue, acupuncture can help to restore balance and bring about a return to better quality sleep. 

Ease - Mark Taylor
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A recording designed to relieve agitation of both mind and body.

We can feel stressed, anxious or restless for all kinds of reasons, if agitation is threatening to take over your life, acupuncture can promote well being and restore a feeling of calm.

Breathe - Mark Taylor
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A Daoist Breathing  exercise to promote calm and relaxation

This is a great exercise for those who suffer from stress and anxiety and for those who would just like to bring a little peace to their lives.

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