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Deep Medicine with Zero Balancing

Meet my wife.......


Hi, my name is Helen Taylor and I practise 'Deep Medicine', which is my own combination of Zero Balancing holistic bodywork, and a number of other therapeutic practices for mind, body, and spirit.'


Deep Medicine is holistic, addressing the person's whole life, not just their symptoms. It is gentle on body and mind, and entirely pleasurable and painless to receive.


A Deep Medicine session is built around a wonderful hands-on health system called Zero Balancing (ZB) Each session is unique to the individual on that particular day, but follows a discernible pattern in its journey around the body. It's hard to describe! Please visit my Deep Medicine website, and/or Zero Balancing UK for more information (links below) There is a short video to the right of this text which will give you a flavour of a session.


Whether your challenges are mainly physical or are more mental/emotional the whole body is addressed in every session because our life history, both emotional and physical, is written into the very fabric of the body. This is 'somatic memory' (soma meaning body) You could almost say that the body has a mind of its own! Every emotion we have evokes a muscle response somewhere in the body, and so habitual emotions literally shape our bodies through our postural habits.


Finally, what about the 's' word (no not that one!) I mean 'spirit'? 21st century mainstream culture can seem empty and alienating. More and more people are acknowledging a yearning for spiritual connection, by which I mean an enduring body-felt experience of the wonder and joy of our connection to all of Life. This is something I am frequently called on to address, by means of Deep Medicine, spiritual counselling, and bespoke ceremony and ritual. 


Helen's practice is at West Stow, just outside Bury St Edmunds. To find out more about Deep Medicine please visit her website (below).St

To findEdmunds, Suffolk

Helen Taylor, BA (Hons) Cantab,

Cert. Zero Balancing

One Spirit Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor.


Mob:    07738 151446

E mail:


Helen Taylor, Zero Balancing
Helen Taylor, Deep Medicine and Zero Balancing

Contact: 07709 938223

E mail:

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