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Skating into Spring

Spring is on its way - no really, it is!

Walking out this morning with Helen and Kilo (my wife and our dog) seeing the brave snowdrops poking though the rare snow was so beautiful. Seeing the spring flowers and winter snow together gave me a sense of perspective on the point we have reached in the year - not the calendar year, but Nature's year, which could be said to begin in Autumn with the sinking of the sap. We have traversed the time when leaves fall and everything dries up; dries up in the sense that the plant world ceases to be actively nourished from within and everything starts to withdraw into winter hibernation or stasis mode. Then winter followed, when all visible signs of growth stopped and all appeared barren and bare, and the sap continued to sink to the point where it pretty much dried up completely and life almost seemed to stop. But it didn't of course - it carried on in the cycle.

We may think this process is all 'out there' in the gardens, fields and other landscapes we see regularly. But we are part of nature; its cycles are our cycles too - though we have hugely obscured our ability to notice them by means of our artificially heated and lit indoor environments and the myriad sense-battering distractions that enable us to forget this fact. Despite all the trappings of 21st century life we too are subject to the falling and drying up of energy that happens in nature in autumn and winter. Similarly, we are subject at this time of year to the early promptings of spring energy. What does that mean in practice? Well, how about watching out for some of these and see if they apply to you:

- The awakening of a more outward-looking frame of mind

- A 'spring cleaning' reflex that may set you off on a Feng-Shui style purge of random household objects you suddenly need to get rid of so as to clear your home space

- Feeling frisky? Sexual energy may increase in this season.

- Feeling like starting new projects?

- Having more energy at your disposal (it could be a bit early for that but you may get a whiff of it)

There may be other signs of Spring. What are yours? May you look out for them and relish them fully.

Best wishes,


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